Unpaid Wage and Overtime

When you perform work for your employer, you expect to be paid for it. This expectation is supported by law. Additionally, as an hourly wage employee, you have a legal entitlement to receive a rate higher than your normal one for overtime work. Unfortunately, despite the legal protections in place, many employers violate these laws far too often, taking unfair advantage of your hard work. The New Jersey Unpaid Wage and Overtime Lawyers at Castronovo & McKinney, Employment Attorneys are dedicated to stamping out this illegal and unfair behavior.

About Unpaid Wage and Overtime

Employee work hours and wages are governed by state and federal law. On the federal level, the Fair Labor Standards Act sets a minimum wage and identifies 40 hours as the standard work week. It also addresses overtime and the laws governing this area. Non-exempt employees are provided protections under this Act. As an employee in this category, you are entitled to compensation for each hour that you work. If you are a non-exempt employee, your employer is required to pay you 1.5 times your standard hourly pay when you work more than 40 hours in a single week.

About New Jersey

As of the first of the year for 2014, the minimum hourly wage in New Jersey will be $8.25. This is a one dollar increase over the former rate. The Division of Wage and Hour Compliance is the governing body in New Jersey with respect to the minimum wage and overtime pay. State laws assure non-exempt employees of a paycheck for hours worked at least two times each month, with some exceptions for specific job classifications. Your employer may set the date of pay, but must adhere to this date, or a subsequent business day, each payday. In compliance with the FLSA, employers in NJ must pay non-exempt employees time and a half for overtime hours.

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The Employment Lawyers of Castronovo & McKinney aggressively represent employees in unpaid wage and overtime disputes through litigation and enforcement proceedings. We specialize in employment law, and this dedication shows in our effective legal representation of employees throughout the state. We offer you personalized and respectful counsel, while fighting for you to obtain the rights you are legally entitled to.

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