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Being able to go to work every day and feel safe and comfortable in your work environment shouldn’t be a high expectation. Yet this is the case for many employees that endure harassment on the job. In New Jersey, and throughout the United States, workplace harassment is illegal. Unfortunately, it is common for such behavior to occur without adequate reprimanding from an employer. These ongoing actions can create an uncomfortable, stressful, and even hostile environment at work. It is important to attain knowledgeable and compassionate legal counsel to pursue your case if you feel that you are being harassed at work. The New Jersey employment law attorneys at Castronovo & McKinney will investigate your claim to determine the extent of inappropriate actions, and take the necessary legal actions.

Harassment in New Jersey

So what constitutes harassment? According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), harassment is considered an act of discrimination. Behaviors and actions that you do not welcome and are targeting specific protected classes are regarded as harassment. These protected categories include gender, race, age, religion, ethnicity, among others. Actions such as unsolicited physical contact, displaying inappropriate pictures, offensive jokes, or threats of using force can all be considered forms of harassment. However, in order to meet the federal definition of harassment, you must be in a situation where tolerating the harassment is required in order to maintain your employment, or the harassment is extensive enough that another individual would view it as intimidating, hostile, or abusive.

It is important to keep in mind that harassment isn’t just unlawful, it’s unethical. And, if your employer does not fix the problem, it’s a direct reflection of his or her character. Your employer has a responsibility to discourage harassment in the workplace. Whether the unwelcome behavior comes from a co-worker, a supervisor, or a client, corrective or preventative measures should be taken by your employer. If not, you may be eligible for compensation.

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At the New Jersey offices of Castronovo & McKinney, our lawyers specialize in litigation focusing in the varying areas of employment law. Being able to maintain your job, while feeling safe and comfortable, should be a necessity for daily life. The New Jersey Employment attorneys at Castronovo & McKinney will argue your harassment case with tenacity while remaining sensitive to your experiences. Contact us immediately if you feel that you are being harassed at work.