New Jersey Workplace Discrimination

At Castronovo & McKinney Law we are familiar with handling discrimination cases for New Jersey employees. We know it can be difficult to work in a job you love and need, while enduring discrimination from your employers or coworkers. We have the experience and first-hand knowledge to aggressively pursue your case and look to be awarded the compensation you deserve.

Discrimination Laws in New Jersey

Laws are in place at both the federal and state levels to protect you from discrimination in any form. Federal law protects employees who are members of a protected class from being discriminated against in the workplace. The specified classes include race, color, nationality, religion, gender, disability, age, citizenship, pregnancy, and genetic information. However, the state of New Jersey also protects a few additional classes, making it illegal to discriminate based upon marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, AIDS/HIV, hereditary illness, military service, the need for a service animal, or unemployed status.

New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination applies to any employer with 15 or more employees and prohibits the discrimination of those with health or disability issues, while age discrimination laws apply to businesses with 20 or more on staff. The federal laws against discrimination apply to companies with four or more employees. Because these laws protect the above classes against discrimination in the workplace, they also prevent employers for firing employees based upon the same discriminatory reasons.

Workplace Discrimination Is Prevalent

Discrimination often goes unchecked in the modern workplace. Often only circumstantial evidence is available and your case must be carefully constructed by a professional attorney. We will work with you to prove discrimination based on your observations and experiences. Anything from insensitive or vulgar comments and jokes, to differences in opportunities for workers based on race or sex can help build your case.

Keep in mind that workplace discrimination can occur at any time. Sometimes the discrimination occurs during an interview, resulting in rejection. Other times, discrimination could occur in small doses throughout your time with a company. Still other cases involve employees who were fired illegally based on discriminatory practices. We have experience working with New Jersey employees and winning all kinds of workplace discrimination cases on their behalf.

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